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I am a music business student at MTSU with a passion for music and helping those around me, as well as abilities in web design, graphic design, and writing.


Born in Carrollton, GA, I developed an interest in music from a very young age. I learned that, though I may not have the chops to be a performer for a career, I could certainly use my skills to help others achieve their musical dreams.


I am preparing myself to move into record label operations in order to create an environment where up and coming artists have the opportunity to create and share their art without being tied down and restricted by the contractual regulations of most major labels.



John Bossworth


CEO - Love Learning Music

"If you haven’t met Zachary Sullivan, please connect with him or contact me and I will connect you all!  I have never been so impressed with a music business professional in my 6 years in the industry.  Zachary blew me away with fast and high-quality work on an amazing concert flyer for a Benefit Show, he volunteered to organize in benefit of my music education non-profit!  I will be contracting Zachary for his many skills and talents as much as his schedule will allow, until I die." 

Tory Kimbrell

Technical Coordinator - Carrollton Center for the Arts

"Zach was a phenomenal employee during his time at the City of Carrollton. He was always able to complete whatever task or challenge that was put in front of him. One of Zach's strongest traits was his attention to detail and the ability to learn new things very quickly."



"Zach is an incredible dude. Since he was fourteen, I have trusted him to manage and order my merch. He has always been respectful and looked out for my best interest. I seriously don't know another person at that age who would have been capable of doing that."


Contact Me:

Phone: (770) 630-0393


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